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Labour and Delivery Support Nurse

I. Translation and communication services are provided, giving customers professional language support.

  1. Thoroughly understand the habits and health conditions of the client (whether there are other medical histories and medication contraindications), inform the hospital in a timely manner, and ensure that the medical staff accurately grasp the relevant information of the client;

  2. Proactively fight for the rights and interests of customers, accurately express customer requests to medical staff in a timely manner, help customers answer language problems such as medical terms in English at any time, and solve problems such as ordering food, ordering take-out, and purchasing urgently needed items;

  3. After the doctor and nurse examine and administer drugs, provide professional checks, and communicate with medical staff in a timely manner if there are omissions; if the doctor refuses some steps, request a reasonable explanation from the doctor, and then convey it to the customer. If the steps are optional and reasonable, take a strong attitude to help customers fight for them.

II. Caregiving and nursing services are provided, giving customers professional medical knowledge support.

  1. During the accompanying period, timely report the situation and requirements of the client to the nurse and doctor, avoiding the situation where problems are discovered too late due to the lack of medical background and medical knowledge of the client and family members;

  2. If the client proposes the need for professional medical care such as pain relief, provide correct guidance and assistance in a timely manner;

  3. Respect the production and feeding methods of the client, and provide reasonable suggestions and hands-on guidance;

  4. If the medical practices of the client/family members violate science, patiently explain the irrationality of the practices and inform them of the correct coping measures.

III. Emotional management and guidance are provided, giving customers professional psychological health support.

  1. After delivery, help the client and family members to correctly transform their identities and take care of the newborn while also ensuring that the client receives enough care;

  2. Carefully care for the emotions of the client, reduce the anxiety and psychological pressure of the client through feeding guidance, psychological guidance, etc., and encourage the client to enjoy becoming a mother more actively and optimistically.

IV. Newborn feeding guidance is provided, giving customers professional feeding support.

  1. Provide professional guidance and assistance in taking care of the newborn. For example, formulate a feeding schedule, supervise and remind to feed the baby on time, demonstrate and explain how to bathe the baby, etc., so that customers can correctly grasp the essentials and quickly start practical operations.

This service provides private/personalized customization. Specific projects can be adjusted according to client needs.​

​This service does not support website booking, please contact us by e-mail or WeChat for more information

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